Welcome to Indianola High School's Vocal Department!!


                                                      Valorie Hagener                                           Myles Finn

                                                        Valorie.Hagener@indianola.k12.ia.us       Myles.Finn@indianola.k12.ia.us

                                                        Phone: (515) 961-9510 ext. 2126                 Phone: (515) 961-9510 ext. 2154


WELCOME to the IHS Vocal Program! We 5 choirs: 9th Treble Choir, 9th Bass Choir, 10th Choraliers, Concert Choir for 11th and 12th graders, and the auditioned A Cappella Choir.  We have over 300 students in our high school vocal department! Our High School Vocal Department is under the direction of  Valorie Hagener and Myles Finn.   Both directors co-direct the Concert Choir and Choraliers and also teach voice lessons/seminars throughout the year. Valorie Hagener is the director of the A Cappella Choir, and Side One (Varsity Show Choir). Myles directs the 9th Treble Choir, 9th Bass Choir, and Flip Side (JV Show Choir). 


















Front Row: Elyse Shaw, Grant Biddle Nathan Barth, Nate Gerber

Middle: Liam Christensen, Ben Richardson, Kate Jauron (flute), Casey  Daughenbaugh, Bradley Voigts

Back Row: Kayden Carter, Erica Knupp, Terrill, Hagener, Ruthie Duey

These students were selected for the All-State choir, band, and orchestra to be held in Ames on Nov. 21-23. The final concert will be held at Hilton in Ames at 7:30pm on Nov. 23rd. Congrats to our musicians!

Congrats to our 2019 All-State Musicians!


2019 Iowa All-State Musicians

Terrill Hagener - Alto 1    Senior    2nd year

Ben Richardson - Tenor 1     Senior    1st year

Grant Biddle - Oboe     Senior    1st year

Ruthie Duey - Alto 2     Junior    1st year

Nate Gerber - Baritone Horn  Junior  1st year

Kayden Carter - Soprano 1   Sophomore    1st year

Casey Daughenbaugh - Tenor 1   Sophomore   1st year

Erica Knupp - Soprano 2   Sophomore    1st year

Bradley Voigts - Bass 2   Sophomore   1st year

Alissa Johnson -  Soprano 1     Sophomore    1st year

Liam Christensen - Bass 1  Senior    2nd year - Alternate

Kate Jauron - Flute   Junior    2nd year - Alternate

Nathan Barth -  Tenor Sax   Sophomore    1st year 















Congrats to our 2018 MAD King, Queens, and Court!

MAD Dance King - Sam Rivers   MAD Dance Queens - Lauren Whitesitt and Lexie Hastie

Court - Front row: Abby Green, Megan Grubb, Lexie Hastie (Queen), Sam Rivers (King)

Lauren Whitesitt (Queen), Ally O'Meara, Leighia VanDam, Elly Vinton

Back Row: Gage Gioffredi, Justin Hibbs, Ben Koeppen, Jared LoVan,

Joe Mathieu, and Thomas Naughton





All Vocal Activities for School Calendar



1st Semester

Sept. 14                   ICDA Pre-All State Clinic at DC-G  (A Cappella Choir only) 7am bus                                  TBA

Sept 26                      Homecoming Parade - Vocal members walk                                                               IHS

Oct. 5                         Real Men Sing Festival                                                                All Day                                        Wartburg College

Oct. 8                         8-9th Grade Singfest Honor Choir                                              All Day                                        Central College

Oct. 17                       Simpson Honor Choir                                                             All Day                                             Simpson College                                     

Oct. 21*                  HS Vocal Fall Concert                                                            7:00 p.m.                        Auditorium

Oct. 26                      All-State Auditions (Vocal, Band, Orch) A Cappella only  All Day                                  Indianola High School

                                                                           (We will also need student volunteers that day!)

Nov. 19                     Little Hawkeye Conference Vocal Festival (Concert Choir only)   2-10pm                    Pella Christian  HS

Nov. 21                     Opus Honor Choir                                                                         All Day                                        ISU Ames                   

Nov. 21-23               All-State Music Festival                                                                                                  ISU Ames

Nov. 25                     Show Choirs/Jazz Bands Concert                                           7:00 p.m.                                    Auditorium

Dec. 6                         Holiday Extravaganza (A Cappella and some Flip Side students)   Evening                     Indianola Square

Dec. 16*                    9-12 Vocal Concert                                                                     6:30/8:00 p.m.                          Auditorium

                       Winter Break   Dec. 23-Jan3

Jan. 6                         Classes resume

Jan. 10-12                Lincoln, Nebraska Competition – Side One only                                   All Day                                        Lincoln, NE

Jan. 12-13                Dorian Honor Choir (Selected students)                                                                                       Luther College

Jan. 17                       End 1st Semester


2nd Semester

Jan. 18                       Waukee Competition - Side One & Flip Side                        All Day                                        Waukee

Jan. 25                       Johnston Competition - Side One & Flip Side – Johnston     All Day                                                   Johnston


Jan. 31 & Feb. 1   Show Choir Cabaret                                                   7:00 p.m.                  Pastoral Center

Feb. 3 & 4                 Musical auditions                                                                         TBA                                              TBA

Feb. 6                         Musical recalls                                                                               TBA                                              TBA

Feb. 8                         Norwalk Competition - Side One & Flip Side – Norwalk     All Day                                     Norwalk

Feb.11                       Musical first practice                                                                    7:00 PM                                      TBA

Feb. 13                    Central College Honor Choir (Selected 10th Graders)          All Day                                        Pella

Feb. 8                         Possible Side One & Flip Side or Jazz                                     All Day                                        TBA

Feb. 9-10                                    ISU Honor Choir                                                                                                                Ames

Feb. 21-22                Indianola Show Choir/Jazz Encounter                                All Day                                       IHS

Feb. 27*                    February Follies Concert                                                           7:00 p.m.                                    Auditorium


March 6-8                 Side One & Flip Side – Totino-Grace (Overnight)               All Day                                        Fridley, MN/Minneapolis

March 10                 Show Choirs In Concert                                                             7:00 p.m.                                    Auditorium

March 16-20           SPRING BREAK                    

March 27                 MAD Dance                                                                   8:00 p.m.                                    IHS Band Rm


April 13                  Vocal Butterfly Night                                                                   4:30 p.m.                                    IHS Music Rms

April 18                    State Solo/Small Group Contest                                             All Day                                       TBA

April 23-25             Musical - The Wizard of Oz                                                                                                        Auditorium

May 4*                     9-12 Vocal Concert                                                    6:00/7:30 p.m.                         Auditorium

May 9*                     State Large Group                                                     TBA                                             Indianola HS

May 20                     Baccalaureate                                                                                7:00 p.m.                                    TBA

May 24                     Graduation                                                                                     1:00 p.m.                                    Blake Fieldhouse-MS

June 2                    Iowa HS Musical Awards-Civic Center                                  7:00 p.m.                                    Civic Center



    * Denotes required performances for 9th Treble Choir, 9th Bass Choir,

      10th Choraliers, Concert Choir, Chorale, and A Cappella Choir.

 (If there are any schedule changes, we will notify you through Power School & email)




Many ACT testing dates fall on important music events throughout the school year.  Please take note of these conflicts when scheduling your testing dates!

ACT Testing Dates:

            September 14, 2019                 December 14, 2019                 April 4, 2020

October 26, 2019                     February 8, 2020                     June 13, 2020

                                                                                    July 18, 2020

Music Booster Meetings

Meetings will normally be held the second Tuesday of each month. They are usually at 7pm, but times and dates may change when there are concert conflicts. Every parent with a student in band, choir, or orchestra and anyone who would like to support the musical arts is invited to get involved.

            Sept. 10, 2019                         Dec. 10, 2019                          Mar. 10, 2020                         

            Oct. 8, 2019                             Jan. 14, 2020                           Apr. 14, 2020

            Nov. 12, 2019                         Feb. 11, 2020                          May 12, 2020


2020  Musical - The Wizard of Oz 

The IHS musical will be presented at Indianola High School on April 23-25 at
7:00 pm at the HS Auditorium.

Tickets prices: Adults/seniors $12, Students $8.

Tickets will go on sale in April.
Please watch the announcements for the website to order tickets and to find dates that the Box
Office will be open to purchase tickets at the high school.



General Overview of Curriculum


The curriculum for performance groups is determined yearly by the selection of music.  We strive to provide a wide variety of music in the choral genre.  Our performance groups have “seasons” throughout the year and following is a brief outline of our year in vocal music at IHS.


There are opportunities throughout the year to participate in extra-curricular music activities.  Show choirs, OPUS auditions, All-State auditions, various honor choir opportunities, spotlight auditions, musicals, and State Solo/Ensemble contest are extra ways students can get involved and develop their skills in vocal music at IHS.


9th Treble Choir, 9th Bass Choir, 10th Choraliers, and Concert Choir (11th/12th grades)

Fall season:   A variety of music usually focusing on traditional choral sound.


Winter season:   Music which focuses on winter traditions and seasonal music.  There will be no spotlights at this concert.


February Follies season:   A themed concert with choreography. Spotlights will need to follow this year’s theme.   This year’s theme will explore world music/cultures!


Spring/Contest season:   Contest music as accepted by IHSMA standards.

                                                Choirs will be divided into various configurations.


May season:     9th Lyric Choir – Final project to be determined by director

                                    10th Choraliers – Final project to be determined by director

                                    Concert Choir – Graduation music



A Cappella Choir

Fall season:   All-State Music Festival audition preparation


Winter season:  Winter/Seasonal music for community performances.  Auditions for spotlights will not be available for this concert.


February Follies season:   Vocal Jazz.  This may involve a competition outside of the school day.


State Small Ensemble season:  Solo and duet/ensemble music.


April/May:   State Large Group Contest and graduation music


Concert Attire


Students will wear robes for concerts.

Students will be expected to wear the following with the robes:

Men - Black dress pants, black socks, black shoes, and a black t-shirt.

Blue jeans or tennis shoes will not be permitted.

Ladies – Skin colored hose and close-toed black dress shoes.

 The A Cappella Choir and Chorale members will also be assigned a tuxedo or a dress for performances.           





















































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