Concert Choir

Concert Choir is Indianola High School's 11-12 grade Mixed Choir.  It meets 5th hour everyday. Ms. Hagener is the Concert Choir director for 1st semester and Mr. Finn/Ms. Hagener will share directing for 2nd semester. Concert Choir will divide into Treble Clef and Bass Clef choirs occasionally for sectional work and performing Treble/Bass Clef songs.  This choir will combine with Choraliers for select songs during some programs and for finale songs.


All Choraliers and Concert Choir singers (10-12) will complete a voice evaluation for the first semester finals.  This voice test will assess their vocal skills.  Students will be placed in Concert Choir and Chorale after February Follies for the upcoming contest season.

Little Hawkeye Vocal Festival - Nov. 19, 2019

The Concert Choir will  travel to Dallas Center-Grimes High School this year for the Little Hawkeye Vocal Festival. The combined festival choir will perform 5 pieces together under the direction of Dr. Amy Kotsonis from the University of Northern Iowa. Each choir also performend their own individual pieces for the festival concert. Thank you to Annie Tate, Jillian Wells, Annika Shaw, Emma Hansen and Karrie Tate for sharing their instrumental talents to accompany our piece!