Choraliers - 10th Grade Choir


Choraliers is Indianola High School's 10th Grade Mixed Choir.  It meets 5th hour everyday. Myles Finn is the Choralier director for 1st semester and Mr. Finn and Ms. Hagener will share directing responsibilities for 2nd semester.  This year there are 97 students in Choraliers!  Choraliers will divide into Treble Clef and Bass Clef choirs occasionally for sectional work and performing Treble/Bass Clef songs.  Choraliers will combine with Concert Choir for select songs during the season and for finale songs.


All Choraliers and Concert Choir singers (10-12) will auditon during first semester finals.  This audition will assess their rhythm and vocal skills.  Students will be placed in Concert Choir and Chorale after February Follies for the upcoming contest season.


Central College Honor Choir - Singfest

Students in Choraliers have the opportunity to audition for Singfest Honor Choir.  Students are selected by past and current choral involvement. Selected students will rehearse during scheduled voice lessons during Study Hall times and in group rehearsals after school.  Students that are selected for the Singfest Honor Choir wlll travel to Pella in early February and perform at Dowstra Auditorium on the Central College campus.