All State Auditions for the South Central District of Iowa are Saturday, October 26, 2019 at Indianola High School

Audition Materials will be posted on July 25.

Click for information.

What Does it Take?


Practice, practice, practice!  How much practice does it take to make All State?  As it turns out - a LOT!  Students from all over the state audition for the honor of participating in the All State Music audition process each year.  Some make it, and others have to try again the next year.  


Often times students aren't really sure how much dedication and time it takes to make All State. This video by IPTV interviews students and staff at Indianola that are involved in the process each year and gives some insight into the work involved.


The best achievements in life come at the cost of hours of repetition, focus, and a steady heart and mind.  


Great work students and good luck!